Thursday, February 4, 2010

HD Cooke's Girls Basketball Queens

It's the first season for the HD Cooke Bulls Girls Basketball team. In the beginning of the season issues abounded. When the opposing team failed to show up, the team scrimmaged with its own players. The attitude was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Why were they fighting each other? Because that's what they did normally. Playing sports together was just a way to trigger the fights faster. Teamwork was a foreign concept to the Bulls' girls team when they started working together.

As the season progressed, so did the players. They learned passing, guarding, shooting foul shots, and just about everything a team needs to know to play basketball. Their record is good enough for them to go to the playoffs. Keep posted for the playoff schedule.

In the end, several players came out looking outstanding. Daniela was my favorite. She never showed any bad attitude, just a hint of annoyance at the girls who did. Destiny could dribble and move the ball. Thelma was a beacon of great athleticism. Leila was good for comic relief with her far out shoes and socks.