Friday, April 4, 2008

Mayor Fenty Goes To Press Club

Greeted by the President of the National Press Club Sylvia Smith and several Press Club board members, the Mayor went to the Club to share a Proclamation.

The National Press Club Board of Directors greeted the mayor in the lobby of the National Press Building.

The Mayor greeted many Press Club workers and a lot of members who came out to meet him. The mayor asked who was the worker who'd worked the longest. Waiter Andrew Price told him he'd been there forty years.

He read the Proclamation, making Saturday, April 5th 2008 National Press Club Day in the city.

Sylvia Smith posed with the Mayor showing the Proclamation.

Sylvia gave the mayor a copy of the book, Press Club at 100 years.

After the formalities were dispensed with, the mayor continued greeting the people of the Press Club.

The last to be greeted was David Crawford, the daytime security guard at the Press Club.


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I pray that the real Holy Spirit and its lingering holds on to the Mayor for guidance.

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