Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seniors Protest Plans for Extended Handicap Ramp at the Renovated Mt. Pleasant Library

Seniors and disabled residents gathered in the front of the Mt. Pleasant Library today to protest the new plans to increased the proposed new ramp from a 40 foot long ramp with a less than three foot decline to a 120 foot long ramp with a seven foot incline.

Speakers included Commissioner Chris Otten of the Adams Morgan Advisory Neighborhood Commission, Commissioner Greg Edwards of the Mount Pleasant Advisory Neighborhood Commission and several members of the senior communities around the library. One handicapped woman spoke of a nightmare scenario if someone were to lose control of a wheel chair going up or down the ramp, the long incline would be a recipe for disaster.

For more information, please call 202-536-4065 or go to www.districtdynamos.org

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