Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Celebration in Mt. Pleasant, Saturday October 31st

How nice, members of MPD intermingling with members of the community. This is community policing at its best.

Community policing is what we need now, more than ever. In my single member district, gang violence continues; illegal paper sales continue; people on stay-away orders from the court are not staying away. If the police came to dinner in the community more often, they may get some insight on how to dislodge the semi-hidden crime.

To their credit, MPD is listening. I was informed that before I arrived, the Mt. Pleasant community requested two officers be removed from their streets because of misconduct, and MPD responded to their request

It appears MPD also responded to the Adams Morgan request. The officer in question has been posted elsewhere lately. Seems live attestations of a dozen residents hold more weight than a petition with 35 alleged signatures, some obviously fraudulent, collected by the businesses. The commander of 3rd District did the right thing. We continue watching the locations of the officer(s) in question.

God Bless Our First Responders and vigilant volunteers who keep us safe

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