Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Neighborhood Year in Review In Pictures and Video

Sun rises on 18th and Columbia New Year's Day, seen through the window at Starbucks.

Swearing in at the Walter Washington Convention Center took place on January 2nd.

In February, ANC 1c was looking for office space and found this 4th floor walk-up on Columbia Road in SMD 1c06. Only problem is it was zoned commercial. We still don't have office space. WIth all the empty space in the neighborhood, you'd think some landlord would give us a good deal for all the good we try to do. I guess the landlords of the neighborhood don't care about the good we do.

In March
Speaking of landlords of the neighborhood, they are represented by the Adams Morgan Partnership, otherwise known as the BID (Business Improvement District), represented at this meeting by Kristen Barden, the Adams Morgan Partnership. Also in attendance are Ted Loza, the councilman's former chief of staff, and Bryan Weaver, ANC1c's chairman. The BID was trying to run the FIDMI market out of the neighborhood, and Loza and Weaver were there to make sure that didn't happen. In this class struggle between businesses and vendors, the vendors won this round, only to be attacked later by rogue cops entering the market bent on disruption. The same officers creating the disruption have a cozy relationship with certain members of the BID. One particular officer was removed for various alleged acts of aggression especially intimidating to undocumented people. The BID circulated a fraudulent petition to bring the officer back. He's been returned as an RDO (reimbursable detailed officer), paid for by the BID on the weekends, but thankfully not to our community to continue his erratic behavior.

Daniela and I are on lunch break here. In April, I had a date with Superior Court, to face allegations of a certain rogue cop who'd been torturing our community for a long time. His abusive behavior as an RDO was legendary, often written about on the Adams Morgan listserv. He'd accused me of some heinous behavior on 18th Street six months earlier, and continued his lies throughout the misdemeanor trial in Superior Court. I was exonerated of any criminal behavior but found guilty by a judge of "failure to obey". The case is on appeal. What was most amazing was amount of times the cop perjured himself. It was a great lesson in police corruption.

In May, the FIDMI-Mi Tierra Market marked nine months of its existence and held a ceremony of thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. Here are some of the vendors who sell at the market.

In June, the mayor, chief of police and councilman celebrated the installation of a crime camera at the corner of Champlain and Kalorama Streets, and held a press conference under the breezeway just a few feet away from the garbage bins. These public relations events can be strange when you know the real deal behind the politics. The councilman wanted the roadway opened up under the breezeway. The mayor wanted to look like he's hard on crime, but the crime camera was taken from another hotspot and put here. The chief of police wanted to look like she's into community policing, yet commended the very officer who the community complained about as being insensitive and committing unconstitutional acts.

In July, the interim director of DPW came to the ANC meeting to discuss Kalorama Park. THe community was outraged about the use of geoblock.

In August, the long awaited opening of the HD Cooke Elementary School finally came about. With all the fanfare the school deserved, it was opened with a press conference attended by the mayor, the chancellor, the secretary of education and the secretary of health.

In September, hearts sprung up at 18th and Columbia for two weeks. They were gifts from the government of Colombia, to make us believe Colombia has a heart. People protested about the treatment of workers in COlombia.

In October, the ANC basketball tournament went horribly wrong. A member of the crew near Girard and 15th came into the territory of the crew from 17th and Euclid, and all hell broke loose. It was six on one. I stepped in to try to stop it, but backed off immediately. Mindy tried, but was slightly more effective than I was. Others bigger and stronger helped stopped it, and the police came five minutes after it was over.

In December, the City Council traditionally gives the ANC commissioners a party. The Council Members stand in front of the commissioners and thank them for their service. There is no wine, but commissioners are dined with a catered dinner and lots of deserts.

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