Monday, July 12, 2010

Take Back The Land After Mayor Fenty's Broken Promise

On Saturday, July 10th, One DC neighborhood organization and their friends and neighbors had a fabuloso block party with singing and dancing, yoga and community organizing, free food and books.

This was on S Street between 7th and 6th Streets NW, deep in the heart of the Shaw Neighborhood. Also in the heart of the Shaw Neighborhood is Parcel 42, a piece of vacant property at the corner of 7th and Rhode Island Avenue, NW. Four years ago, Mayoral Candidate Adrian Fenty made a promise that this parcel of land would be used for low-income "affordable" housing. Four years later, the land is still vacant, and the promise is unkept. (See below for details.)

During the block party, Green Party candidates came through to rally the troups.

Green Party Candidate for US House of Representatives (Eleanor Holmes Norton's seat) Joyce Robinson was there with her very creative and unfortunately true campaign sign.

Annother candidate running on the Green Party Ticket is Ann Wilcox, the People's Lawyer, running for the Chair of the DC City Council.

To the left, Green Party candidates include Joyce Robinson for Representative to Congress, Ann Wilcox for Council, Adams Morgan Commissioner Chris Otten, and David Schwartzman, cancidate for DC Council At Large.

Faith, the perennial Mayoral candidate, was also there asking for votes and blowing her bugal

In the backyard of ONE DC, activists gathered to share last minute details about the march.

While the block party continued the organizers began to rally for the march.

At the end of the block party, the people gathered up their signs and banners and marched to Parcel 42, went around to the back to get in, and began erecting a tent city to take back this land that was promised to the poorest of the poor in our city.

The police have not removed them yet, chances are because the mayor does not want a spectacular confrontation with poor people on the evening news.

As the mayor ponders his options, the tent city grows. The atmosphere is a bit more serious than the block party, but the fun is still ongoing. There are collective meals during the day and movies at night.

Everyone who is sober and nonviolent is invited to join the little city in the making.

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