Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Walk with Vince Gray Along U Street Northwest

Yesterday, in the 95+ degrees weather, I had the privilege of walking along U Street with the Chairman of the DC City Council. Chairman Vincent Gray is running for mayor against the incumbent, and he was out there pressing palms and glad fisting most people who wanted to talk to him. Chairman Gray is a listener.

Many people, especially those exiting the subway, did not want to stop to talk, but no-one heckled or was in any way overtly disrespectful. Chairman Gray has earned this city's respect, if only for the long hours he toils at his job as Council Chair in the District Building.

The following is a photo essay of who he was talking to and how well he was received.

Marcia Shia collected signatures outside in the heat while Vince's entourage followed him inside the airconditioned establishments.

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